There’s a reason why fans can’t get enough of Beyoncé’s film, Homecoming. Here’s how to deliver a “behind the scenes” experience that will grab and keep the attention of your followers.

Taylor Swift, the Kardashians and models like Cara Delevingne are known for giving their fans behind-the-scenes access to their brands, products and life. Whether you’re a fan or not – these celebrities are some of the most recognized faces in music, beauty and fashion.

Surprising and delighting your followers with behind the scenes content can deliver a lot of value. It humanizes your company, builds trust with your customers and provides a unique or rare look into how you created a product, event or experience. There’s a reason why fans can’t get enough of Beyoncé’s new film, Homecoming.

Brands in all industries can find creative ways to connect with their followers by providing behind the scenes content. Here are three ways to give your followers “backstage access.”

Live stream an experience that isn’t easily accessible to your followers

With channels like Periscope, Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram, live streaming is now one of the most popular ways for brands to provide behind the scenes content. The best live streaming tactics deliver an experience fans would otherwise not have access to, like a tour of your workspace, an interview with an expert, celebrity or thought leader, or a look at how you setup a photo shoot, event or major campaign.

Share real, personal stories

Beyond your products or services, your followers will connect the most with…you guessed it, people. You can give behind the scenes access to your followers by sharing personal stories of your employees or customers. Let an intern do a social media takeover and share what it’s like to work at your company. Do you have a unique story about going above and beyond to serve a customer like this Hawaiian hotel who returned a teddy bear to a young child? Sharing a personal story is a powerful way to showcase your brand’s values beyond traditional marketing.

Give your followers VIP “back stage access”

People are naturally curious to see how things work, and can’t wait to share any secrets or takeaways from a sneak peek experience with their friends. Whether it’s a hair styling tutorial from your salon, a video showing how your restaurant creates a menu, or the setup of a fashion show, followers will feel like they are being treated to an exclusive experience that usually only VIPs have access to. You can share these moments on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or your website.

Give your followers something to talk about. Do you remember a time you were given a behind the scenes experience? Share your stories with me in the comments below.